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Let's talk about Drones (by Vincent Autefage)

07 june 2013

Vincent Autefage

[LaBRI, Amphi, June 13th 2013 : 14h00]

This presentation will be made by Vincent Autefage who will present a state of the art about actual and future drones usages in France.

Here is the abstract:

For some time, medias have strongly linked drones with army forgetting their important growth in the civil scope. It results in a highly negative image and a kind of global fear of drones in spite of all the benefits they provide in various fields.

This presentation aims to make a state of the art on drones usages, especially in France. We will talk about the different drone types, usages, related french law and also actual and future intrinsic projects. Finally, we will discuss about positions and research topics of the LaBRI MUSe theme in this scope.

This presentation is a preview of an event organized by Cap Sciences, therefore it will be very accessible.

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