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Service Discovery in Dynamic Swarm of Robots

13 june 2014

Vincent Autefage

[LaBRI, Amphi, June 12th 2014 : 13h00]

The next presentation will be made by Vincent Autefage who will talk about Service Discovery for Highly Volatile Swarms of Unnamed Autonomous and Communicating Systems.


Here is the abstract:

Service discovery in MANETS (Mobile ad-hoc Networks) consists for an entity in locating a service hosted by another entity of the newtork. Such a system is very useful in swarms of autonomous unnamed systems like drones or ground robots. A service is actually a capacity provided by one or several vehicles (heat sensor, motion sensor, decision making, long range antenna, telescopic arm, etc.).
Existing discovery solutions depend on the mobility of the nodes and require particular connectivity patterns between them. Moreover, these previous works focus on the location part without addressing the access problem (i.e. the way to use a service once it has been discovered). To the best of our knowledge, no discovery mechanism has been designed that would be dedicated to autonomous swarms and solve these problems. A state of the art about existing service discovery models will be introduced in this talk.
AMiRALE (Asynchronous Missions Relay for Autonomous and Lively Entities) is a service discovery model dedicated to swarms of unnamed and communicating systems. This model is independent of both nodes mobility and connectivity patterns and addresses the problems introduced here-before. In this talk, the design of the AMiRALE model and its different versions will be developed. An illustration of a park cleaning scenario with the help of this system will be presented at the end of the talk.


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Tags : UAV, drone, service discovery, swarm, AMiRALE